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Set the tone for Autumn, the season of transition, with this supportive blend for the mind and body. Designed to help you feel your best, whatever life changes are presented to you. A grounding and uplifting blend of cedarwood, rose geranium and orangewood. These oils have been specially selected for their excellent balancing skincare and emotional properties.


Like all of our season blends, it can be used in our inhalers, diffusers or by incorporating into our skincare products.

Aromatic description: Wood and musk with the last of the summers fruit. Reminiscence of Autumnal woodland walks.

Autumn - Essential Oil blend, 5ml

  • Citrus aurantium Var. aurantium (fol), Pelargonium graveolens, Cedrus atlantica

    Allergens that occur naturally in the essential oils listed: GERANIOL, CITRAL, LINALOOL, CITRONELLOL, LIMONENE.

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